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A Little About Me

I qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology from the London School of Reflexology, studying under Louise Keet (Author of The Reflexology Bible, and one of Britains leading reflexology practitioners (Mail on Sunday). The course also allowed me to to gain a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and am fully insured. I hold the following diplomas gained through continued professional development:
•Bergman Zone Method Facial Reflexology advanced level
•Advanced Hand Reflexology
•Reflexology for Pre-conceptual, pregnancy and post-natal care
•Indian Head Massage
•Natural Facelift Masssge/Facial Rejuvenation

I'm afraid I cannot provide one of those great stories where a reflexology treatment has changed my life, instead I got into reflexology after over a decade of reading books and articles and anything I could lay my hands on about spiritual practices, health and happiness and slowly falling in love with this 'way' of life. I am a firm believer in timing and I finally progressed with my reflexology course in 2015.
It was a very intense but, rewarding 9 months of learning and practicing, reading and writing, meeting and making friends for life.

So why reflexology? During my decade of reading time I found many therapies fascinating (and still do). Particularly through my own experience I found the body to be a magificent machine, an energy laden powerhouse which I truly believe always works for us and not against us. I have witnessed in many people (myself included) through my time in my clinic and also through mere observation in life, how the body and mind can be affected by the way we live, the way we eat and more importantly the way we think. The body-mind connection, in my opinion is profound and when one recognises this in themselves, it can be an amazing tool for healing.

Reflexology I believe is an amazing therapy. As I just spoke about a body-mind connection, what better way to allow the body to heal and regenerate than through utter relaxation of the entire system. I think of reflexology as 'an internal full body massage'. Those of us who have experinced the bliss of massage know how good it feels and how beneficial it is so why not give the organs, glands and structures of your awesome body the same treatment?

It amazes me how many of my clients have left the therapy room after reflexology completely different to the person they were when they entered. I do not just observe the body shifting into a relaxed state but how the emotions have settled and how their whole state of just being has changed for the better

My own experiences with reflexology have been a good healthy mixed bag. I have had good experiences, wonderful experiences and not so good ones too. However, I am appreciative of all as they gave me the opportunity to realise what it was I needed from reflexology and my reflexologist.
I honestly feel that reflexology should be a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing experience, which is how I want to make my clients feel.
Self empowerment is an incredibly important component to the treatments I give. Just by merely showing people points on the hands,face or feet to massage and press at home is a lovely thing as it is quite literally taking your health in your own hands! What a wonderful feeling when you can do this for yourself just because you care about the way you feel and want to feel.

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