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Maternity Reflexology. Mat fertility

Pre-conception Reflexology

Regular reflexology treatments for both women and men can be extremely beneficial when trying to conceive. As reflexology works to bring balance back into the system of the individual, it is an excellent tool for calming and creating deep relaxation. Reducing stress, especially when making the decision to embark upon parenthood, is paramount. Lifestyle factors are taken into account and discussed at the optimum time help promote chances of conception and both couples are encouraged to begin treatments weeks or even months beforehand. Treatment sessions are available for couples or individuals.

Maternity Reflexology. Mat pregnant belly

Maternity Reflexology

During different stages of your pregnancy you may find yourself experiencing certain symptoms as your body adjusts with the new life inside you. the most common symptoms women experience are:
•hormonal changes/emotional/anxiety
•nausea/morning sickness
•back/pelvic girdle pain
•swelling or fluid retention

As these changes occur, it is important to receive support to help you cope and adjust. Regular reflexology sessions throughout your pregnancy may:
•help prepare your body for a natural labour and a less painful/shorter labour(i)(ii)
•calm anxiety and emotions(iii)
•aid in reducing any ailments associated with different stages of pregnancy(iv)

Maternity Reflexology. Circle 37wks

Prep For Labour (37 weeks onward)

At 37 weeks your reflexology treatments will begin to incorporate specific techniques to prepare your body for the best chances of a natural birth. These advanced techniques specifically target areas of the body, associated with pregnancy, in order to encourage the body to become more open and to release and calm any stress hormones which could be a factor in holding up the onset of labour.

Although reflexology doesn't claim to induce labour, there is no evidence to suggest that reflexology will cause anything untoward such as a premature labour/delivery.

Preparation for labour can begin safely at 37 weeks. It is encouraged, however, to have general reflexology sessions weeks before your due date. It can be of great benefit to relax the entire system so your body, mind and emotions can be in the best state possible for both yourself and your baby.

Maternity Reflexology. Mat baby feet

Post-natal Reflexology

After the birth of baby, this time can take its toll both emotional and physically. 

Having regular reflexology session for the first few weeks can be extremely beneficial as treatments can:

  • Calm any chemical imbalances which may have occurred during pregnancy
  • Support hormone balance
  • Help to regulate hormones (and milk production if breast feeding )
  • Help to ease and calm baby (if baby is present with you during the treatment, this can be a beautiful experience)
  • Encourage the uterus to return back to its pre pregnant state
  • Help to ease any remaining back or pelvic girdle pain 
  • Calm down emotions through gentle and nurturing touch on the feet

Before your treatment we can discuss what your needs are for this specific time and tailor your treatment to suit you. 


I offer a discounted cost for your session if I have already seen you for reflexology during your pregnancy. 





(i)Research studies have shown that reflexology significantly reduced pain during labour
Valiani M at al (2010) Reviewing the effect of Reflexology on pain and the outcomes of labour of primiparous women.-Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. 15(Dec) p302-310

(ii)Research studies have shown that reflexology reduced the length of the first stage of labour
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(iii)Research studies have shown reflexology lowers anxiety scores of women in labour
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(iv)Research has shown that reflexology during pregnancy had reduced pain and stress levels for women with low back pain or pelvic girdle pain (6 x weekly reflexology treatments)


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